Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grey's Lady Coming Soon to Total E-Bound

I am really excited about this. My historical erotic romance novella Grey's Lady, the first book in the series Carte Blanche will be released by Total E-Bound on August 8, 2011.

What a beautiful cover the Total E-Bound Art Department made for it.

Watch the Book Trailer here:

It is set in Philadelphia, PA in 1812.




Grey's Lady
Natasha Blackthorne

Coming from Total E-Bound Publishing
August 8, 2011

Elizabeth McConnell is a devoted sister and aunt.
She works hard helping her half-brother run his shop and take care of his family
But she has a secret, erotic life with the gentlemen who know her only as Beth.
Her motto is to love them once and leave them burning...

Once, when she was too young to know better, she was seduced by a gentleman whom she loved and trusted. When he married someone else, it broke her heart. Now she'd determined to protect her heart at all costs. But her sexual desires won't be suppressed.

So she selects only the most handsome, wealthy and powerful gentlemen and seduces them. But she never allows a second assignation with her lovers.

Until she meets Grey Sexton. A handsome, dynamic, arrogant merchant prince from New York who is determined to possess her unusual silver blonde beauty at any cost. Beth cannot resist his potent sexuality and finds herself making excuse after excuse to meet with him again.  As the weeks go by, their passion scorches the sheets of the elegant City Tavern.

Beth is determined this will be just a temporary affaire. But Grey won't take no for answer. He tempts Beth with his carte blanche, an offer of material luxury she's never even dreamed of and the promise of a lifetime of the same stunning sexual passion she's come to crave.

What's a girl to do? She should she accept or should she risk gambling it all for the one thing she's really always wanted deep in her secret heart?

Cover image (c) Total E-Bound Publishing

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